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Surrounded by forestlands, fields and lakes, the great outdoors does not get any greater than at Wilderness Club! Whether you are here to live, stay or play, we are proud to foster our guests’ and residents’ healthy and active lifestyles by ensuring ample activities are available to you and your family, regardless of the season, and regardless of whether you prefer outdoor or indoor activities.

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Lake Koocanusa



Lake Koocanusa is a 90-mile-long reservoir that lies behind 422-foot-tall Libby Dam, located 16 miles upstream from the town of Libby. Completed in 1972 as a joint project between the United States and Canada, Libby Dam was an effort to provide flood protection and to generate hydroelectric power. The Kootenai River fluctuated wildly in the spring causing flooding in Montana, Idaho, and British Columbia. Lake Koocanusa received its name in a contest to name the Libby Dam reservoir. Alice Beers, from Rexford, Montana, combined the first three letters from KOOtenai River, the first three letters of CANada, and USA. Today, the lake plays host to a large number of water based activities including fishing and swimming waters for kids.


U.S Forest Reserve



Bordering nearly half of Wilderness Club is the U.S. Forest Reserve. This land is protected by the U.S. government and is home to a variety of wildlife. It also attracts outdoor ATV vehicle enthusiasts with sanctioned trails for off road vehicles. Take a stroll on thousands of acres of completely protected and uninhabited protected forest right outside our back door. These unique natural surroundings of preserved land provide Wilderness Club members with privacy and countless opportunities to see wildlife roaming and enjoy the outdoors.

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